LIBA Weight Loss Tablets Reviews UK and Ireland

LIBA is a combination of liquid CLA and high-dose CLA crystals. Conjugated linoleic acids (CLAs) are fatty acids that a normal body cannot produce but are essential to physiological development. They come through the diet, mostly from safflower oil. Therefore, combining liquid and high-dose CLA crystals is vital for body loss as they slow down the body’s metabolic rate.

The science behind this weight-loss capsule revolves around the body’s absorption process. Since the body cannot produce CLA, we have to consume them as supplements. However, their concertation in ingested food (cheese, beef and milk) comes in small quantities. Its extraction and eventual creation into a capsule is the closest the body can come to a perfect concentrate for consumption.

However, it should be in the correct balance to avoid tipping off the optimum amount the body can handle. It contains polyunsaturated omega-6 fatty acids, best known to help the body perform normal bodily functions. The right dosage enhances absorption, which is a key ingredient in body weight loss.

liba weight loss diet pills

LIBA Weight Loss Diet Pills Review UK

Characteristics of the LIBA Weight Loss Capsules:

  • Vegan Friendly – safflower oil used to make the capsule is naturally extracted, which makes it good for vegetarians.
  • Dual-action – the capsule has liquid and crystal CLA ingredients, giving it dual power to fight weight loss.
  • GMO-free – none of the ingredients used to create the capsule is genetically modified. The safflower oil is naturally extracted to the highest purity level.
  • Allergens-free – the capsule ingredient does not have gluten, making the capsules healthy, energy-giving, and working well to reduce weight.

Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ (EXCELLENT)




Liba Weight Loss Capsules – Ingredients and Their Effect

Conjugated linoleic acid (CLA)

It is the main ingredient of the LIBA capsule and contains omega-6 fatty acids that is naturally found in select meat and dairy products. The component has several health benefits, with metabolic rate ease, immunity boost and weight management as the most common. If well used, it slows down the body’s metabolic rate, helps burn more calories, and results in a lean body mass.
Each LIBA capsule has 300mg of CLA.

Linoleic Acid (LA)

As opposed to the CLA, the LA is found in plants. It contains polyunsaturated acids with high nutritional value that the body cannot naturally synthesize. The LA provides energy, generates strength and stamina, and acts as the stable between different body biochemical processes. The right amount of LA strengthens the body’s immunity, regulates blood pressure, and boosts the fertility rate and lipids breakdown.

Safflower Oil

It is an extract from safflower seeds, which is popular with edible cooking oils. Naturally, it has immense bodily benefits, including improved digestion, smooth skin, and regulating blood sugar and cholesterol levels. Most importantly, it has the body’s anti-inflammatory response, which keeps the body’s balance in check. All these benefits touch on body metabolism, which is a key component of weight loss.


Although omega-3 is generally responsible for blood clot regulations in the boy. Just like omega-6, they are polyunsaturated fats responsible for several genetic functioning. A combination of these physiological benefits is important as they prevent heart diseases, control arthritis, lupus and eczema.

In women, omega-3 is specifically beneficial as it regulates menopause symptoms and osteoporosis. Naturally, the body gets omega-3 from vegetable oils, fish, walnuts, leafy vegetables and flax and flaxseed oils.


They are spherical, narrow granules that offer guidance to capsule ingredient matrices. Beadlets have superior technological advantages that make dosage easy compared to classic dosage matrices. LIBA weight loss capsule 200mg.

Other LIBA Capsule Ingredient include

  • Vitamin A – it is found in many foods and is responsible for immune system boost, body growth and development.
  • Vitamin Q10 – it is a nutrient found in the body and is responsible for oxidation and general metabolism.
  • Hydroxypropyl Methylcellulose (HPMC) – a soluble thickening agent used to make oral medication.


liba metabolism weight loss diet


Liba Metabolism Usage and Intake


You should only take the Liba Metabolism tablets based on the doctor’s prescription. However, most people take 1 capsule a day for 5 days. Accompany the capsule with plenty of water, at least 250 ml.

Time of the Day

There is no definite time of day that is ideal for taking the supplement. However, consider taking it alongside the heaviest meal of the day. The meal should have a high fat or calories to ensure maximum absorption.


The recommended continuous ingestion in a row is 5 capsules. With 1 capsule per day, the maximum number of days you can take is 5 days. If you want to proceed to the next cycle, skip 2 days and begin the next 5 ingestions. 1 month is the ideal time to complete the routine.

However, if you skip a day within the 5 days cycle, do not ingest 2 capsules. Continue until you finish the cycle. Whatever the issue, do not exceed the recommended daily dosage or the 5 days maximum per cycle.

Other general usage facts include

  • The supplement is suitable for anyone above 18 years.
  • A low carbohydrate diet will not improve the weight loss outcome when using the supplements. The LIBA weight loss ingredient formula makes metabolism faster, with or without carbohydrate dieting.


  • Don’t take the capsules if you are pregnant or after giving birth.
  • If you have a pre-existing condition, consult your doctor before using these supplements.

Side Effects

LIBA weight loss capsules have manageable side effects since they are naturally and organically extracted. If the user keeps within the dosage requirements, there are no side effects. The following are notable reviews on notable body processes.

Birth Control

LIBA weight loss capsules have no effects on any birth control method. The supplements do not cause any body imbalance that might alter their functioning.

High Blood Pressure

The capsule does not have any side effects on people suffering from HBP, either lowering or raising it.

Mental State

There are no stimulants in the LIBA weight loss capsule that might impair your judgement or state of mind. It allows you to function normally.

However, there are scenarios in which the capsules show some effects.

  • Dry mouth – during clinical trials, some people recorded dry lips.
  • Pre-existing condition – we might have ruled out HBP, but other conditions might show some side effects. To be safe, talk to your clinician about your situation. They are best placed to offer guidance on how to take the supplements.
  • Under medication – people already on other medication should consult their physicians before using this supplement. Some medicine can react to the capsule and might compound the issue. The physician is best placed to advise you on the dosage and prescription.
  • Allergic reactions – itching, swelling and redness are some of the side effects of LIBA weight loss capsules. Ensure that your doctor knows this be they prescribe the dosage.
  • Caffeine overdose – the supplements contain caffeine as an ingredient. Additional caffeine ingestion might increase the heart rate, cause jitters and nervousness. Regulate the amount of caffeine when you are on the supplements.

If you follow the dosage as instructed and observe it to the letter, you will be okay. The percentage of people with side effects is insignificant, which makes the supplements safe for use.
In case you have any allergies, please read the ingredient to determine their suitability and address it before you begin taking the capsules. Consult your doctor for overall direction if you fall into any of the negative side effects listed above.


Option 1 – Beginners

A pack of 20 capsules (enough for a month’s supply) goes for £54.96. if you add £4.99 for shipping, the total cost is £59.95 per piece.

You can pay the total amount via any of the methods listed.

If you choose to use Klarna, you can pay in 3 instalments of £19.98 each.

Option 2 – Sales Hit

You can opt for the 2-pack purchase, which retails for an average of £41.47, a discount of £18.48 per pack.

The offer comes with free shipping, saving a total of 27% on the purchase cost.

Instant payment in full is £82.95 or instalments of £27.65 for 3 months if you use Klarna express checkout.

Option 3 – Bestseller

However, if you buy 3 pieces at a go, you get a £23.3 discount, to retail at £36.65 per piece. In total, you pay £109.95 for the whole package.

In addition, you are eligible for free shipping, significantly reducing the overall cost by 46% of the total cost.

You can pay the whole amount at once or in 3 instalments, each £36.65.

LIBA Capsules Customer Reviews

  • Alejandro Jimenez
    I have struggled with weight since I turned 18 years. All the methods I use always end up stocking weight when I stop following through. I cannot stop mentioning the treks I made, the hills I climbed and the unending fatigue that came with it. LIBA weight loss capsule allowed me to continue my work schedule while losing weight. It is a perfect remedy for any working person. I completed a 1-month routine, and the effects are visible. In 3 months, I plan to resume with the dosage and get my ideal body size.
  • Hellen Spenser
    One of my friends recommended these capsules after having my third born. In 3 weeks, I have witnessed significant changes on my belly fat. They are user-friendly and do not need any extensive exercises. I will definitely recommend it to any mother.
  • Campbell White
    I am allergic to almost every supplement, but these LIBA capsules saved my life. I get to work and loss weight, which perfectly fits my schedule. I am on week 2, with commendable progress. If month 1 turns out a success, I will definitely come back for more.
  • Migdalia Shelby
    My experience with weight loss capsules has never ended well. My friend introduced me to LIBA, and I am still trying it. However, the major observation I have made so far is no side effects. For someone who has struggled with weight, that is a welcome idea. If all goes well, I will definitely recommend anyone with the same problem.
  • Forero Diaz
    6kgs 3 weeks later, I have never felt this light in over a decade. Interestingly, no funny feelings or side effects. The pill is easy to swallow. I have gone to the gym to reduce my belly, but it has never worked this fast, and neither am I tired. What more could I ask for in my weight loss journey?