Youth Conference “Culture & Heritage in a Digital World”

Summit 2018: event

15/06/2018 – 17/06/2018

British Council


Are you interested in what role cultural heritage plays in the way we interact with each other? Have you maybe even experienced different ways in which cultural heritage was perceived? How do our local cultures complement or clash with a collective European identity?

We are setting out to answer these questions and so many more with German and British pupils during an exciting free weekend in Berlin, 15 – 17 June, 2018. Together with UK-German Connection, we are inviting all interested pupils from both countries to work together in exploring the history and future of cultural heritage.


At the Youth Conference on Cultural Heritage we will:


Who can apply?

You can apply if you:

Please note: The main language of the summit will be English, German language skills are not required.


How can I apply

Step 1: Application documents 

Step 2: Consult your teacher/youth group leader


Application deadline


What does it cost?

All costs, including flights, local and domestic travel and full board and lodging will be covered for the participating students.


UK participants


German participants


Image: (c) British Council