Lecture and Concert “Cultural Heritage of Poland: Esperanto as the medium of the Esperanto Culture”

Summit 2018: event

19/06/2018, 19:00 – 22:00

Polnisches Institut Berlin

Galerie des Polnischen Instituts in Berlin
Burgstr. 27
10178 Berlin

In the Year of the European Cultural Heritage the Polish Institute Berlin celebrates the international language Esperanto, which in 2014 has been accepted as the medium of the Esperanto Culture by Poland in its list of immaterial cultural heritage. More than 100 hundred of the 1200 so called Zamenhof Esperanto objects that can be found worldwide are located in Poland. They include places, streets, monuments and even ships which remember Esperanto and its creator. A festival of Esperanto Culture called “Arkones” takes place in Poznan every year.

Approximately 130 years ago, in 1887, the basics of Esperanto have been published in Warsaw by Ludwik Zamenhof. Since then Esperanto has developed to be a living language and it has spread around the globe. Today there are Esperanto speakers in more than 120 countries. Several million people have learned Esperanto so far, some hundred thousand speak it regularly and there are even around thousand native speakers of Esperanto around the world.

The fact that Esperanto can be learned rather quickly contributed essentially to its success and the increasing spread of the language. Thanks to the regular and simple structure of the language the learner needs only a fourth of the time which is needed for other languages. Many learners begin to use Esperanto in practice after only around 20 hours of learning.

Up to now more than ten thousand Esperanto books have been published; every year there are about one hundred new publications. Some thousand Esperanto songs are available – many of them can be found on the internet.

In his lecture Louis von Wunsch-Rolshoven – the spokesman of the German Esperanto Association and director of EsperantoLand – will present Esperanto and its culture. Following the lecture Jonny M. – a Rap and Reggae musician – will give a concert with his songs in Esperanto.

After the musical performance highlights of the polish cuisine will be served. There will also be a chance for discussion.


Event language is German.

Free admission. No registration.