Virtual Debate “Jamm’Heritage”

Summit 2018: event

22/06/2018, 09:30 – 17:00

Culture Action Europe

Borrowing the concept from the jazz world, Jamm’Heritage is an event, a web-page, an open space, a tool, a discussion all wrapped into a 7,5 hour online debate. Visit Culture Action Europe’s Jam’Session webpage on June 22 from 09:30 till 17:00, share your views, critical thoughts and ideas on the role of European cultural heritage in shaping our values, identities and futures.  This year, the Jamm’Heritage will be running in parallel with the high level policy debate “Sharing Heritage, Sharing Values” during the the European Cultural Heritage Summit happening from 18 to 24 June 2018 in Berlin, Germany.

We will open four online “rooms” with four inspiring questions to engage wider civil society actors in the discussions. We will kick-off parallel threads focusing on:

1. Live from the European Policy debate – your views
2. Heritage in motion: Contemporary today, heritage tomorrow
3. Who’s heritage? Heritage, Privilege and Power
4. Preservation or erasure? Changing the fabric of social memory

By connecting digital and offline debates, Jamm’Heritage aims to engage citizens and cultural actors in heritage related discussions, create a platform for cross-fertilisation of ideas and collect key messages and  to feed into the high level policy debate.

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