Guided Tour “Historical ride on Germany’s oldest subway line, including a view over the city and a visit to the subway museum”

Summit 2018: excursion

23/06/2018, 11:00 – 13:30

European Cultural Heritage Summit

Tube Station Warschauer Straße (Summer Platform outside the hall)
10243 Berlin

The tour begins at station Warschauer Straße, following the overground subway tracks to Kreuzberg. Until station Gleisdreieck this route is Germany’s oldest subway line. Final destination of the tour is Olympic Stadium station, a stop of subway line U2. The station is also home to the subway museum and was – as well as several other station on the route – designed by Alfred Grenander, Berlins most famous subway architect.

About the historical train: The type A1 was deployed for many years along what are today subway lines 1 and 4. The inaugural subway train in 1902, Germany’s first subway ever, was a type A1. The preserved train was built in the years 1924 to 1926. In former East Berlin, type A1 trains were in use until the fall of the wall in 1989. West Berlin’s public transportation retired the trains earlier due to problems with door lock mechanisms.

The tour languages are German and English.

Registration is required.


Image: (c) Jörg Pawlitzke