Debate “Preserving and promoting Roma cultural heritage: the role of ERIAC”

Summit 2018: event

19/06/2018, 16:00 – 18:00

ERIAC – European Roma Institute for Arts and Culture

10117 Berlin

The Roma are the biggest ethnic minority in Europe whose history and culture are an inseparable part of European and national cultural landscapes. Yet, Roma cultural heritage is rarely acknowledged and included in the canon of collective European narrative. The European Roma Institute for Arts and Culture (ERIAC) was launched on June 8th 2017 and is located in Berlin. It aims to show the Roma cultural heritage for what it really is – a collective, diverse and beautiful part of Europe’s cultural legacy, and a patrimony of national cultures and histories, which needs to be protected and cherished.

ERIAC invites participants of the European Cultural Heritage Summit 2018 to a discussion about the importance of Roma arts and culture as a part of the European cultural heritage. The event will provide an opportunity to discuss the current status quo with regards to Roma cultural heritage recognition, as well as point to opportunities and novelties in the contemporary Roma arts and culture scene in Europe.


Event language is English.

No registration fees but limited seats are available. Registration is required on

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